How to write a good argumentative essay

How to write a good argumentative essay

Argumentative essay is usually a five-paragraph essay that has the three basic parts of the essay, the introduction, body and conclusion. From the word itself argumentative, this essay will allow you to take a stand on the issue that you chose.

One good example of an issue is marriage equality. Suppose that you chose the pro side in this topic. Your introduction should not state what side you are taking in. You should first introduce the topic to the reader and give it a brief overview on what and how marriage equality works. Elaborate how it affects the society, the country and the world. Your introduction should be full of non-biased information. The next parts are the supporting paragraphs. You are allowed to elaborate the advantages and disadvantages of the issue in three paragraphs. This is also the part where you can make strong arguments about your stand. The last paragraph will be the conclusion. It must include a very brief summary of the whole issue and then your finals words on your stand.

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